CERG Description

The goal of the Civic Engagement Research Group (CERG) is to provide an evidence base that informs the design of policies and programs that promote the development of citizens for an effective, just, and humane democratic society.

Current Projects
  • Educating for Democracy Deep Dive

    The Educating for Democracy Deep Dive developed by the Teaching Channel and CERG is a curated collection of videos accompanied by educational resources, blogs, and articles related to preparing youth for civic and political life in the digital age

  • Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age (EDDA)

    Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age (EDDA) is a partnership between University of California, Riverside, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), and the National Writing Project. The purpose of this initiative is to leverage web 2.0 tools and best practices in civic education to provide all high school students in Oakland with opportunities that will prepare and motivate them to work for positive change in their communities.

  • Evaluation of the Chicago Public Schools Civics Initiative

    CERG is launching a rigorous research study of the impact of civic education practices on civic and academic outcomes as well as on the district-wide reform strategy being implemented by the Chicago Public Schools’ Civics Initiative.

  • Leveraging Equity and Access in Democratic Education (LEADE)

    The goal of the Leveraging Equity and Access in Democratic Education (LEADE) Initiative is to provide educational decision makers with a set of research-based tools for assessing equity and access in civic education in order to improve civic learning opportunities for all students.

  • Specialized Study Program in Civic Engagement for the Digital Age

    Through a partnership between the University of California Riverside Extension and CERG, educators can now earn a specialized certificate in Civic Education for the Digital Age.

  • Supports for Civic Media

    The Supports for Youth Civic Media Engagement: An Examination of Equity & Impact study will draw on the Youth and Participatory Politics nationally representative survey of youth in order to analyze the distribution of learning opportunities for civic media literacy, the impact of these learning opportunities, and, in particular, the impact of these opportunities on whether youth create and circulate civic and political content.